Zero-Emission Prague

On a bike, on foot, by eco-vehicles or public transport. You can get around town in many different ways. Not just by car! We’re spreading the word. To let you know. So you have a go. So you have fun. So you save – Prague, from pollution; and your money.

The Prague eco-mobility web covers sustainable urban transport. On it you’ll find the latest news about Prague air, public transport, tips for pedestrians and cyclists. The aim is to give residents the most objective information on urban transport, to let you choose how best to move around the city, what kind of footprint to leave behind. The website also introduces Prague projects supporting sustainable mobility, and gathers your feedback on Prague eco-mobility options.

Prague has a long-term issue with airborne pollution levels, some 70% of which comes from overuse of private cars. Transport matters very much to a thriving metropolis, and has to be as efficient and friendly as possible to the environment and our health.

The web Zero-Emission Prague is just the place to track what’s going on in the field of transport, to fact-find and get to know travel alternatives. We promote an environment where people can move around safely and effectively, not just by car, but walking, cycling or taking public transport.

We want to make your travel around the city clear and clean. Will you join us?